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Spring Gardening

Well, spring has sprung, and there is enthusiasm in the air! It would appear that we have been granted at least two extra weeks of Outdoor Living time this year!

People have been raking, and cleaning, and preparing for the re-growth of their perennials, anxiously awaiting the time when they can plant annuals. Will that also be two weeks early? That I can’t predict, yet I can predict trouble spots in the garden in terms of landscape lighting.

If you’ve inherited lighting by purchasing a new-to-you home, and while gardening, have never encountered wires coming out of your plant beds before, please pay heed. Nicking or cutting any of these wires may not cause you any physical harm, yet, it will affect your lighting system. You may experience some areas (or wire runs) where the lighting is no longer working.  Please do not bury the damaged wires if you accidentally create this situation. Troubleshooting such an issue is much more challenging and hence expensive, than it need be. If you have a gardener, I would advise you to ask them to report to you such accidents, so that it can be resolved easily and cost effectively by a lighting professional.

This can simply be resolved by your lighting installation professional during their yearly or bi-annual maintenance plan. You do have one of these right? Reputable installers offer maintenance and tune ups. You wouldn’t buy your car from someone who didn’t offer maintenance. We can suggest the right fit for you. Just give us a call. We love matching great people!


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